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CBD Amnesia Haze

CBD Amnesia Haze

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Amnesia Haze: CBD 15% THC <0.2%

Amnesia Haze is a hybrid strain of cannabis that is known for its high CBD content and strong cerebral effects. The THC version of this popular strain is believed to have originated in the Netherlands. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing a variety of different strains, including Haze, Northern Lights, and a Thai landrace strain. Amnesia Haze first gained popularity in the early 2000s, particularly in the coffee shops of Amsterdam.

The buds of this strain are typically dense and covered in trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a complex aroma that is characterized by earthy, woody, and spicy notes. The aroma is often described as being pungent, with a hint of sweetness that is complemented by a subtle hint of lemon. The Amnesia Haze strain is known to produce uplifting and energizing effects, making it a popular choice for daytime use. Perfect for those who love a strong Haze aroma in their cannabis, and looking for a boost of energy and focus. This strain is often used to treat symptoms of depression, stress, and fatigue.

Weed 3.0’s Amnesia Haze is primarily a sativa strain. It is grown in a greenhouse and contains about 15% CBD. The smell and taste is sweet but with a slight spice, almost peppery as well as earthy. It’s great to smoke in company as it has an energising effect, giving a positive spin on a dinner with friends or a party.

Origin of the THC variety:

Amnesia Haze with THC is the most renowned sativa strain amongst cannabis smokers. The most famous Amnesia variant comes from a mixture of a Jamaican variety and an Afghan one. The buds are compact and full of crystals which make it sticky and light reflecting. It’s energising effects are what make Amnesia Haze one of the most loved flowers in the world of cannabis.

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Principal Terpine: Myrcene, Pinene
CBD: 19%-20%
THC: < 0.2%
Growing Method: Indoor
Trimming Method: Hand Trimmed
Area of Origin: Val d’Aosta


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