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CBD Moon Rock with CBG

CBD Moon Rock with CBG

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Moon Rocks: CBD+CBG 60% THC <0.2%

Moonrocks CBD are a type of cannabis product that are made by taking a small nugget of cannabis and then coating it in CBD resin and rolling it in kief. They are known for their high CBD (cannabidiol) content.

Moonrocks are made with a high-quality and potent CBD oil and a high-quality strain of cannabis which is high in CBD. They are typically consumed by smoking, using a pipe or a vaporizer.

Moon rocks CBD can be beneficial for people who are looking for a potent, high CBD product that can provide a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

As their name suggests our Moon Rocks resemble the moon because of their dark green/brown color. Weed’s Moon Rocks are made with the best small buds of cannabis covered in CBD resin and then dusted with pollen, or rather kief. The union of these ingredients makes Moon Rocks, along with the Ice Rocks, one of the products with the highest CBD levels.

Weed 3.0’s recipe in fact makes the Moon Rocks even more powerful: they contain not only CBD kief but also CBG extract. They have a very strong smell and a slightly fruity taste.

The Weed 3.0 branded products can be purchased in 2 forms:

Sizes: 10g, 20g, 50g and 100g bags.

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Principal Terpine: Myrcene, Pinene
CBD: 19%-20%
THC: < 0.2%
Growing Method: Indoor
Trimming Method: Hand Trimmed
Area of Origin: Val d’Aosta


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